Retirement Planning

Our conferences and workshops are designed to help employees, professionals, business owners and individuals prepare for their future away from the workplace.

Lifestyle Planning Issues in Retirement

Life is about relationships.
Who is important in your life now? Spouse? Children? Other Relatives? Co-workers? Friends? Who will be important in Retirement? Will there be new relationships? How will you deal with the changes?

Life is about satisfying our human needs for food, clothing and shelter.
How will these needs be satisfied? What are the changes to be considered? Will you be eating more meals in or going out to eat more? Can you put your business attire in moth-balls? Will you down-size your residence?

Life is about satisfying our emotional needs.
How will these needs be satisfied? Our needs for love, self-worth, belonging and autonomy will continue - the ways for satisfying them need to be talked about.

Retirement... when unfamiliar endings bring new beginnings.

What has work meant for me?

What does retirement mean to me?

Relevance of age and health to ideas of work and retirement.

Time Pies: To examine how you spend your time now, draw a large circle on a blank piece of paper and visualize how you spend your time in an average 24 hour working day. Divide the time between Sleeping, Working, Community, Personal, Family, etc.

Now take another blank page and draw another circle. Close your eyes and envision yourself in an average 24 day in retirement. Divide up your 24 hours in the same way.

Now overlay the two pies. Note the differences and examine how you will cope with these differences.

Understanding individual motivation: to work / to retirement.

What is important in retirement: values, guiding principles. Learning to interpret beliefs and priorities about self and family.

Managing the transition:
  • impact of change on schedules and goals
  • impact of personal needs
  • impact of family needs
  • impact of aging
Adjustment to endings: what are they and how to close?

Adjustment to new beginnings: what are they and how to open?

Skills and attitudes: how to use them in a new way.

Relationships: retirement meets family and friends.

Putting it together: emotional preparedness training.
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