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Lifestyle Planning is the process of charting your course on the ocean of life. Without a clear map and a compass, you, your relationships, your organization, your ship, could end up on the rocks.

Lifestyle Planning focuses on your attitudes and values in each of the major areas of your life:
Family, Self, Social, Leisure, Financial, Work, Spiritual, Relational, Cultural, Community
We work with you to create a balance in these areas and help you enjoy a richer, fuller style of life.

Lifestyle Planners are here to help you navigate the storms of life. Our team of specialists in the areas of Human Relations, Management & Leadership Development, Finances and Administration can help guide you and those important to you. We can show you how to build a better boat, a boat that will last. We can advise you on how to put together the right team for the job to be done - developing a co-operative, competent crew is essential in reaching your goals.

Our goal is to provide you with the advisors, coaches, trainers, or facilitators necessary for you to develop relationships aligned with your vision, your values and your culture. We will come to you to offer workshops, seminars and individual counselling on lifestyle issues relating to course corrections - changes in life. Or, you may want to explore the idea of developing your team aboard our boat!
Team members are also available to speak at Conferences, Annual Meetings, Retreats and Seminars.

Retirement Conference/Cruise
Practise Retirement - One day, everyone retires. Why not practise for it on our next Conference/ Cruise?
Join us Oct. 2 - 12, 2013 in The Society and Tuamotus Islands of French Polynesia. Get the details here.
French Polynesia
Spread over a vast area about the size of Europe, the widely scattered (118) islands and atolls of French Polynesia - part of an overseas territory of France - are divided into 5 groups: the Austral, Gambier, Marquesas, Society and Tuamotu archipelagos. Of these, the Society archipelago is certainly the most famous. It includes the stunning islands of Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti - and like the enchanting Marquesas in the northeast - most are lush, dark green specs of land, volcanic in origin, with jagged-edged peaks jutting boldly into the sky. Almost 61% of the total population of French Polynesia lives on the island of Tahiti, in and around the capital city of Papeete. The Tuamotu archipelago (in contrast to the other groups) includes only low-lying coral atolls (78 in all), and of these, only a handful have passable inlets into their central lagoons. Rangiroa, the largest coral atoll in French Polynesia, is famed for its natural beauty, and remains a favourite of travellers from across the globe.
What a great place to practise retirement and learn how to do it in style!

Get the details here.
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